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    Carpet Cleaning-10Commitment to excellence is a big part of our carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and tile and grout cleaning success; however, we offer something else that sets us apart – a unique, rotary cleaning system that out-performs wand cleaning systems.  This specially designed carpet cleaning system lifts carpet pile, cleans carpet fibers 360 degrees and produces results that many customers agree are not equaled by anyone else.


    Rotary Carpet Cleaning (hot water extraction): In addition to standard carpet cleaning and tile and grout cleaning with our unique system, we are able, in most cases, to:

    • Eliminate pet odors & stains.
    • Remove most stains from wine, koolaid, sodas, milk, etc.
    • Remove ground in dirt, grime and grease.
    • Remove paint stains.
    • Remove wax and gum.

    Our rotary carpet cleaning system leaves carpets looking “like new.”  The rotating brush head is specifically designed to safely lift carpet pile while cleaning the fibers in a 360 degree, multi-directional pattern.  Because it is mechanical rather than manual, our system allows us to make 750 cleaning passes per minute.  This equates to each carpet fiber receiving about 10 – 15 cleaning passes.  With a wand carpet cleaning system, you are lucky to get 2 cleaning passes and they are only in one or two directions.

    NOTE:  The success of removing stains (as opposed to spots) depends on several factors outside of our control including, age of the carpet, wear factor of the carpet, exact nature of the stain source and length of time the stain has “set up” in the carpet.  While we have been able to remove stains that others could not, there are some stains that simply will not come out.

    Check out these “Before” and “After” pictures for examples of amazing results.

    Don’t be victimized by bait-and-switch scams.  We will always deliver what we promise at the price we stated – guaranteed!


    The pictures shown on this page are of actual carpet cleaning jobs performed by Bailey’s Cleaning Service

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