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    “Commercial janitorial services are about all the same so we shop for the cheapest price.” Quoted from a customer who learned the hard way that all janitorial services are not equal. The old adage, “you get what you pay for” rang loud and clear for this customer. Once they began using our janitorial services, they were amazed to learn what a difference commitment to excellence makes. It’s the little things done consistently that stand out the most.

    Do you wonder if your bathrooms have been cleaned and sanitized when you walk into them and notice a “stale” smell? Is dust building up on desks because your current service will not move anything or dust the nooks and crannies? Are your blinds or baseboards accumulating dust and dirt? Do you ever empty your trash between cleanings just to be frustrated because there are no more liners available to you in the bottom of your trash can?

    These are some of the complaints we hear from prospects on their way to becoming our satisfied customers. Attention to detail and consistency matter. Attitude = Excellence! If this is the type of janitorial service you seek, call us today at (205) 834-0919 or Request a Quote on line.

    We proudly serve Birmingham, Hoover, Vestavia, Helena, Pelham, Alabaster, Homewood and most other communities in south Jefferson County and north Shelby County.

    Standard Commercial Janitorial Services Include:

    • Dusting desks, bookshelves and cabinets (including tops).
    • Dusting blinds.
    • Wiping out window sills and sashes.
    • Emptying trash cans and providing extra liners in the bottom of the cans.
    • Removing cobwebs along ceilings and in corners.
    • Dusting door frames.
    • Dusting/wiping baseboards.
    • Cleaning entry way glass doors.
    • Sweeping/blowing debris and dirt around outside entry doors.
    • Cleaning kitchen/break room sinks, cabinets (outside) and counter-tops.
    • Cleaning coffee pots & makers (including washing out coffee pots).
    • Vacuuming and/or sweeping all floors.
    • Mopping hard surface floors with appropriate cleaners (based on type of floor).
    • Cleaning & sanitizing bathrooms (toilets & sinks).
    • Re-stocking bathroom paper supplies.
    • Re-stocking kitchen/break room paper towels.
    • Loading/Running dishwasher (manual dish-washing is extra).
    • Taking trash to outside dumpster.
    • Dusting pictures and other wall ornaments.
    • Dusting/Wiping off switch plate covers, thermostats, smoke detectors, etc.


    Additional cleaning services may be added at customer’s request. Standard cleaning services may be modified at customer’s request. We tailor the cleaning services to our customers’ needs.

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