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    Two Tier Guarantee

    Every Customer is Our Most Important Customer!

    As a local, family-owned business, word-of-mouth referrals and repeat customers are essential to our long-term success. As members of the community we serve, we are committed to consistently providing quality cleaning services as well as fair and honest pricing.  Our two-tier guarantee is un-matched in the industry and was created to assure our customers that using our service is a low-risk, high-reward venture.

    We empower all of our team members to provide outstanding customer service – on the spot!  No 800 numbers to call or corporate bureaucracy to wade through.

    Tier 1 – Customer Satisfaction

    Bailey’s Renew-o-vators Cleaning Service is committed to quality results of the highest standards and excellent customer service.

    If we fail to deliver the results that we promise and for which the customer is expecting to pay, Bailey’s Renew-o-vators will discount or waive, at its sole discretion, part or all of the quoted fees for cleaning services.  The amount of reduction will be determined by the actual circumstances proportionate to the work satisfactorily performed.

    Under certain circumstances where the results are affected by conditions outside of our control, the guarantee shall apply only to performance results reasonably expected to be within the complete control of Bailey’s Renew-o-vators and/or its employees/contractors.

    Tier 2 – Price-Lock Guarantee

    Bailey’s Renew-o-vators Cleaning Service has a firm policy about pricing that assures our customers they will never be surprised when receiving their invoice.

    All cleaning service pricing is final once work has commenced.  The quote given for the cleaning services promised will be the final amount paid by the customer.  In no case will our invoice amount exceed the amount agreed to with the customer PRIOR TO commencing services.

    This guarantee applies to cleaning services agreed upon when the quote was provided.  Additional cleaning services requested by the customer or material changes to the scope of work may result in adjusted pricing.  In this case, the adjusted pricing will be understood and agreed upon by the customer prior to performing the work.

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